Eye Disease Management

Our comprehensive exam is designed to evaluate and rule out any disease of the eye or systemic disease that presents in the eye. Our technology and expertise help to diagnose and treat eye diseases like:

Dry Eye Disease/Tear Film insufficiency- Your tear film can represent 7-10 % of your vision. Most patients have instability of tear film rather than a true lack of tears. Many times, the concern is your eyelids. There are many ways to improve your tear film stability with routine therapy and hygiene. Let us perform a thorough evaluation of your tear film

Diabetic Eye Disease- Diabetes is one of the leading causes of vision loss in the United States. We are looking for any sign of diabetes in every patient. If you have a diagnosis, we have a thorough report we can send to your provider. It is very important to have an exam at least once per year. Based on our findings, we will follow up sooner if needed. We are part of a great network of providers and can get you seen by any specialist necessary.

Glaucoma- The thief in the night does not present with any symptoms. It is related to the pressure of your eyes and is one of the reasons we feel everyone should have a yearly exam. That is why every comprehensive exam has a pressure reading of the eye and a thorough evaluation and a possible photo of the optic nerve.

Macular Degeneration- early detection of macular degeneration is very important. It is another leading cause of vision loss. Your family history and retinal evaluation are always taken into consideration. There are many early interventions to discuss, and it is highly recommended that anyone with a family history of early signs have a baseline OCT of the macula

Cataracts- everyone can get a cataract. They range from mild to severe. We will guide you when it may be time for a surgical option and have an outstanding network of surgeons to schedule with If you are paying attention, your ocular health can tell us much about your general and systemic health. Our exam is medically oriented to evaluate your eye health. Of course, you will have an accurate prescription for glasses and contact lenses.

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